Check Engine Light On?

Immediately Following Fueling the Car?

If you experience a check engine light immediately after fueling your car, odds are you may need to purchase a new gas cap. On 1997 and later model automobiles, emission standards require containment of gas fumes that normally vented into the atmosphere on earlier model cars. If your automobiles’ computer detects a serious vacuum leak, (via a loose or missing gas cap) it will set the “Check Engine Light”.

This warning may correct itself after a short period of time. It may clear up after only three new starting cycles in some model cars. Some automobiles will require special tools and knowledge to reset the computer and clear this nuisance light. Either way, you can help to expedite the process by checking to make certain your gas cap is secure. If you find you have lost your gas cap, don’t buy anything less than an original cap from the manufacturer. Buying an “aftermarket” cap will likely leave you with the same problem and possibly a greater one, leaking fuel at the gas cap due to improper fit.

When having an emission test performed the gas cap is checked to make certain it seals properly. If advised that your cap doesn’t seat properly and you are told you will need to buy one, DON’T. Stop right there. If your car is a 1996 or later model year production, the check engine light will illuminate if the cap doesn’t seal properly. Purchasing a cap from these people may enrich them at your future additional expense. Wait to buy a new cap. Visit us at EuroWerks and we will help you determine if your car needs a cap or you may be victim to an up-sell. If you do need a new cap, rest knowing you will get the correct cap for your car.