About Us

About Us


Beginning in 2001, an original concept and Mission developed which have evolved into the organization of EuroWerks, LLC in 2003. Based on priorities centered on employees, customers, location, and community involvement/participation, EuroWerks is confident these essential ingredients will result in success for EuroWerks and success in the community.

We are passionate in our vision of company success and our relationship within the community.

EuroWerks aspires to meet the needs of Dunwoody by delivering a convenient alternative to the automotive manufacturer’s franchisees. The demographics of the Dunwoody community and other nearby surrounding communities will allow EuroWerks to meet those needs.

We’re pleased you’ve come to visit us and have the opportunity to discover what we offer. Our future is built on the foundation of our service to you. It is not an easy goal. We simply want you to discover the unlimited level of our service through our attention to detail and customer caring. Our goal: a level of satisfaction for you that will separate EuroWerks from all other service facilities.

The Community

As a member of the Dunwoody Business Community, certain responsibilities fall in the open of what it is to be a part of this unique opportunity. Many franchise business operations have lost the concept and knowledge of what a community is made of. It’s an environment rich in Family, Friends, and most of all Respect.

Being a part of the community comes with costs. It also comes with benefits. To be a part of Dunwoody affords an opportunity I would never realize in the middle of Roswell Road, lost in the mire and maze of strip malls, large signs, high-speed traffic and all of the things we wish to protect us from in Dunwoody.

We would like to welcome the Schools and Churches within Dunwoody to bring us ideas for needs within. Many times budgets have limits and it may prevent advancement of objectives for the Members of the community. It’s the Families and the children of these families that make this community. We aspire to help in many of these projects. It must be recognized that we are only one and only capable of capacity within our means of support, but we will welcome opportunity to assist when we can.

If you are a Member of a local School, Church, or Private Community Organization with ideas of specific needs or knowledge of impending fund raising drives, we would love to offer support via links or postings for your fund raising drives. We have a great opportunity to be a supportive link and conduit to your message in these drives.


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