Driving in the Snow and Ice

Frequently, we hear comments about how poor the driving habits of the people from Atlanta are. This will be heard more when we have the Winter Weather many are unaccustomed to. In Atlanta, we rarely have a significant amount of snowfall with meaningful accumulations. Instead, we usually get the dreaded Sleet and/or Frozen Rain. Ice will bring out the worst of driving skills and our ability to exercise patience. Don’t blame it on the people from Atlanta. Most of them know better than to drive in the Ice. When you mix experience, a hilly topography, and explosive growth in the area, people of Atlanta have learned to stay off of the roads in an Ice storm. Below, I will attempt to offer some advise in driving skills for inclement weather.

Rule # One! If you must drive in such weather, be prepared! Adjust your seat, seat belts, and steering wheel to the best position for convenient operation. In ice, snow, and heavy rain, don’t expect to get comfortable. There are a lot of people sharing that attitude and they may be sliding right into your car. Plan on getting to your destination warm, dry and unharmed. As a precaution, make certain you have a set of Jumper Cables, a good Flashlight, and a couple of old Blankets, extra Socks, Gloves, and some candles. A candle can be an excellent source of heat in the small confines of a car interior.

Rule # 2.If you really must drive in inclement weather; never find cause to be in a hurry. If you start off in a hurry, odds are, you will find yourself much later and possibly injured. In all operations of a vehicle under adverse conditions, it is best to maneuver with the softest and slightest of actions on the Throttle, Brakes, or Steering Wheel. Never jerk hard on the steering wheel, brakes, or throttle. Know the limits of your ability. If that hill is too big or makes you wonder, it’s likely you will have a problem attempting the impossible. Go the long way or avoid it all together. Your well-being is more important. Don’t risk that or that of your passengers.

Rule # 3. Be doubly conscious of you and your surroundings. Pay close attention to the rear and sides of the road you’re on. Odds are you’re sharing it with someone who feels cause to be in a hurry. Slow it down. Be patient. Follow from a much greater distance. Begin braking much sooner. Don’t accelerate quickly. Depart for your destination much sooner than normal. Wouldn’t you rather arrive early than to not arrive at all?

If you really find need to drive under such adverse conditions, know yourself, your abilities and the equipment you are operating. Consider some of the car control driving courses. Allow yourself to learn how to drive through an event while your ABS “Anti-Lock-Brakes” are in operation. Know how to change a tire. Know the proper use of 4- wheel-Drive if your car is equipped. Know how to jump-start your car or a neighbor’s car. Check our “Favorite Links” site for address to some of the local Driving School Classes. At EuroWerks, LLC, your safety is our first concern.