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At EuroWerks, we find many customers are misinformed about some of the specifics regarding operation of their automobile.  We hope the following articles may help and would like to invite you to inform yourself with our library of information on automobiles.  We don’t cover all of the bases but we try to offer information on some of the most basic necessities in both the ownership and operation of your automobile.  If you have any ideas or questions we haven’t answered, feel free to visit us and we will attempt to address your concerns.

Unusual and Intermittent Symptoms!


Sometimes we experience problems with symptoms that are intermittent and difficult to describe. Sometimes it is only a brief moment that we are aware of the event happening or after it has happened. This is a shops worst enemy, lack of detail in a complaint or when and where it may be happening. Without detail of the complaint and some particulars that may be an influence or guide to correction, additional costs may be incurred.

In an attempt to reduce the costs of diagnosis, EuroWerks has created a “Symptom Check List” to help identify when and where the problem may be occurring. Click on and print a copy. Fill out all of the information with detail. Keep the sheet at your fingertips, side door pocket or glove box, so you can conveniently add additional information as it becomes available. Drive the car for several days as need may require so you may provide additional information. Try to be critical of all of the particulars as relate to your car. The more you help us, the more it will help you.

Present the sheet on arrival for service and we expect to make you visit brief and avoid additional expense of having a technician driving the car around in search of the symptom. In many cases, a complete detail of the complaint may be enough for the technician to locate the cause. Needless to say, this will likely result in a real savings to you in the repair process.


Since you are here, print off a copy of both service sheets so you may place them in your glove box for added convenience. You never know when you may need to drop the car after hours or have that unusual symptom.

Customer: _______________________
Vehicle Make, Model, Year: _______________________
Contact Phone: _______________________

Note Symptoms and specifics as apply to your vehicle:

When attempting to start the engine:
Won’t Crank, like dead battery ______
Cranks slowly, like a weak Battery ______
Cranks but won’t start like out of fuel ______
Cranks a lot before starting ______

Once started and idling:
Idles Too High ______
Idles Too Low ______
Will Not Idle ______
Idles Rough till Warm ______
Idles ok until warm ______
Idle hunts, (up and down) ______
Idles Normally, all conditions ______

The Check Engine Light Illuminates:
Briefly ______
At All Times ______
None at all ______

Weather Conditions:
Ambient Temperature at time of symptom ______
Dry Conditions ______
Wet/Rainy ______

Engine Temperature:
Normal Operating Temperature ______
Cold Operating Temperature ______
Extreme Cold or Hot Temperature ______

Symptom occurs when:
Once Started ______
After _____ Minutes ______
After _____ Miles ______
On bumpy Road Conditions ______
After or during hard turn, Specify ______
During Acceleration ______
During Deceleration ______
Driving in Extended Stop and Go Traffic ______
During or after Extended Highway Driving ______
Lights or A/C on during symptom, Specify ______

Fuel Choice:
Premium ______
Mid-Grade ______
Regular Grade ______

Please note any other specifics that may apply. If your fuel economy has changed, you’ve switched fuel grade or began purchasing fuel at another location, had recent service to your vehicle and the particulars of the service. Be conscious of all that may apply! The more information you can give to us, the easier it may be to find that intermittent problem.










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