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Mercedes Recalls and Campaigns


Mercedes Recalls and Campaigns

What is a Recall or what does it mean when there is an Open Campaign on my vehicle?

A Recall is a mandatory action imposed via premature fail rates of specific components on your car or safety concerns as determined by the Manufacturer and/or Government. A Campaign is a self- action via the Manufacturer. It may be an issue of interpretation and arguable from both parties as to the need and/or importance of the problem when it becomes a Recall. The Campaign is an act by the Manufacturer to avoid pre-mature failure or bring improvement to an original design.  The end result is the same. It will result in an improved modification and update to an existing product. Upon your initial visit to EuroWerks, we will make an effort to determine if there are any “Open Recalls, or Campaigns” on your automobile.

The level of assistance via the Manufacturer determines much of our success but we are fortunate to have wonderful relations with many of the local dealerships as a source to determine if there are open recalls or campaigns. The information is available from other sources also. You will find a convenient source via the National Traffic Highway Administration and/or the Insurance institute for Highway Safety. You’ll find easy access via our “Important Links” page. At EuroWerks, we want the customer to be aware of these issues as it can pose a serious safety issue for our customers and possibly those that share the road with us.

Additionally, we encourage owners to visit us prior to warranty expiration to perform a complete vehicle warranty sweep. In the event we find any issues requiring service we will advise you. With this information and a visit to your local Dealership you’ll have the added value of your vehicle being in “Tip Top” condition at no additional expense to you.