Favorite Links

MINI Favorite Links

Favorite Links for the MINI Enthusiast

> Atlanta MINI Club

AtlantaMINIS is a car club for both MINI and MINI enthusiasts in the Metro Atlanta and Georgia area. Join us for meets, drives, and other fun activities!

Important Safety and Product related Sites to Explore

> National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Learn about motor vehicle safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a branch within the U.S. Department of Transportation. Explore issues related to re-calls, and/or concerns that may result in future re-calls of a vehicle you own or wish to own. If you’ve recently moved, it’s a great site to explore for current information on a vehicle you own. There are many other items to explore too. Looking for tires or a child seat, click on above.

> Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

This site explores safety issues of vehicles. It may not help in the decision process of acquiring a new vehicle, but it may help you decide on a pre-owned. This site investigates the integrity of a vehicle and occupants in case of accidents.

> CarFax

A source to find important data and history of Pre-Owned Vehicles. You may find some discrepancy in mileage or history of serious damage to the vehicle you’re looking to purchase. This could be the single source in determining purchase of a vehicle.

> Kelly Blue Book

This is a great source for determining prices for purchase and/or sale of pre-owned vehicles. Remember; the Market is the best determinate of pricing, this site will only offer a guide or range of pricing points to consider.

> Edmund’s Car Buying Guide

This is an alternative source for determining prices for purchase/and or sale of pre-owned vehicles. There are several other sources of pricing. Edmund’s also offers a guide to help the consumer in making the choices to help determine prices.  Remember; the market is the best determinate of pricing. This site will only offer a guide or range of pricing points to consider.