Purchasing a Pre-Owned Automobile?

One of the most difficult purchases we make is an automobile. In most cases they are the second most expensive purchase we make, next to our homes. Below, we will try to offer advice in the process. There is one rule of thumb to follow, “they made more than one”! Don’t allow emotion to confuse your actions. After you purchase a new or pre-owned automobile, you are likely to own it for several years. Don’t be rushed in the process, make an intelligent decision.

When you are comfortable in the choice of car you choose to buy, be conscious of the objective. Be informed on the product and what to look for when inspecting a “pre-owned automobile”. Select a shop or dealership to have an inspection performed. When purchasing from a dealership, find another source for inspection. Make certain the objective of the shop that performs the inspection is influenced only by your need for an honest, clean and accurate inspection.

Prior to investing in the time and cost of the inspection, take time to perform your own “once-over” on the car. Look at all the obvious stuff. Begin with a cosmetic inspection. If the car is dinged up real bad and/or really dirty, that could be an indication of what is ahead. Check all the fluid levels and fluid condition. If low and/or due for changing, this could be another indicator. Check the tires, uneven wear usually means poor alignment and neglect. If these items check out, look at the maintenance records. Look for services that were performed at a qualified service center. A familiar franchise name doesn’t necessarily mean they are familiar with the type automobile you’re looking to purchase. If this looks good, check for wear on the Drivers seat, carpet beneath the drivers feet, brake pedal pad, and top of the steering wheel. These are areas that will receive significant wear in normal driving. Does the mileage of the car match the wear you’ve found? Now, you’re almost ready to invest in the costs of a professional inspection. Road test the car! If you feel confident you’ve found a good one, now is the time to invest in a professional inspection. At EuroWerks, we have Technicians whom are trained and qualified to perform this inspection, all at a reasonable price.

At EuroWerks, we’ve chosen several sites on the Internet for you to visit. They will help you to determine “market value”. Some of the sites will also help to, check for history, re-calls, and safety related issues. If your Pre-Purchase inspection is satisfactory, you are satisfied with the history and safety of the car, and comfortable with the price, all that is left is to buy it. At EuroWerks, we want you to have the comfort of knowing you’re making a good choice and decision for your value.