Selling vs. Trade

When buying a new car, we’re frequently left with the dilemma of selling an older one. Frequently, the Dealership is offering a price on trade that makes selling it yourself worthwhile. It requires preparing the car you don’t want and riding with strangers. Then, there is the headache of barter that follows after they’ve scared you to the moon with poor driving habits. All of this comes at an hour that prevents you from handling your normal routine of needs. Though the difference in sale price alone could allow you to afford an inexpensive vacation. Below are some tips to help make this an easier effort.

Rule of thumb; a perfect car leaves little room for barter.

Did you buy your new car at full price? Barter is the kiss of satisfaction. Without barter, there is less chance of selling. Don’t plan on selling a perfect car. Leave something for the buyer to haggle over. If the car is due a timing belt or major service, consider discounting the sale price. You may discount at a rate consistent with costs of service at the dealership, but you may sell your car sooner. The costs of this may seem high in your discount. Imagine the costs if you’ve just bought new tires with alignment and you’re left selling the car at a discounted price. You just put new tires, (for free) on the car you’re selling. Leave something out there for barter. The buyer can always pay less than what you would pay. It gives him added measure of value. He always knows a friend that will perform the service for half the normal price.

In preparing the car, make certain to avoid the obvious. If it needs a new battery to start the car or it is pouring oil out faster than it will go in, you’re in for a disappointment. Trade at the Dealership may be your best option. The only person looking to buy that car is not going to pay much. They could possibly make the dealership blush on the price they would pay. If the radio needs to be coded, have it done. Clean the car and don’t fill it full of tacky air freshener. A little bit of wax can add hundreds of dollars to the sale. Make the effort of inspection, road test, and barter a pleasant one. Making it harder will make it less likely to sell. Have all of your service records organized and near the maintenance book. A few stamps in the book are worth hundreds of dollars.

If you’ve had the car serviced with EuroWerks, feel free to tell the buyer he may call on us. Remember, honesty is why you chose us. We share that principle and value with everyone. This is why you’ve brought the car to us in the past.