Why is my SRS Light On?

Will my air bags work?

The “SRS”, (safety restraint system) is a complex system dedicated to the safety of all occupants of the automobile at the time of a collision. Certainly, we all hope to never utilize the usefulness of this complex system. It is a system that will only deploy during an accident. It is comprised of “AIR BAGS”, and safety belt harness restraint mechanisms.

In the event of an accident, the “SRS” system engages, within milli-seconds of detection of a collision or rollover of the automobile. In the most obvious scenario, a frontal impact, the air bag may deploy, and the seat belts will retract to limit the passenger movement within the automobile. All of this is designed to deploy for optimum protection of all occupants.

Great care and attention has gone into the many years of its development and unique function. In its early years, the sensitivity of its components caused endless frustration for both the consumer and manufacturer. Though it can be demonstrated that proper use of safety belts are sufficient to limit harm and injury to vehicle occupants during an accident, few individuals will argue against its benefit to safety and protection after a first hand experience from an accident.

If the “SRS” light illuminates at any time after initial start of the automobile, (the first 3-5 seconds after starting the car), the system has detected a fault and is presumed inoperative. Diagnosis and repair require special tools and knowledge. At EuroWerks, we consider this a requisite. The care and safety of our customers and the cars they drive is what is expected of us. If you have any concerns with the operation or performance of the SRS system in your automobile, feel free to call on us.